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Jake Tucker
Our Star Candidate for Electoral District of Barrie-Innisfil.

Canadians' Choice Party is a constituency-based party and it is not an ideology-based party; hence, the registered Constituency Associations and their candidates may or may not agree with part or all the views of the Party and/or each other, and they are not responsible for the opinions and actions expressed by the other Candidates, Constituency Associations and/or the Party.

Your Candidates

Jake Tucker

Jake Tucker

Barrie – Innisfil (004)

Bahman Yazdanfar

Bahman Yazdanfar

Beaches - East York (007)

Leslie Bory

Leslie Bory

Brantford – Brant (013)

Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm

Etobicoke – Centre (028)

James Sears

James Sears

Ottawa - Centre (078)

They are courageous, outspoken, and will stand up for for their constituents.

Here are what you get by voting for us:

Piggy-Bank  Someone to understand where you are coming from.
Piggy-Bank  Someone who doesn't have any attachment to any interest group.
Piggy-Bank  A person of action to ensure you are represented properly in the Queen's Park.
Piggy-Bank  A person whose vote counts in Queen's Park and can get you more leverage to do.
Piggy-Bank  Someone to stand where you stand, and not to offer and follow his or her own agenda.
Piggy-Bank  A local person to work within the community to work on the issues that affect local people.
Piggy-Bank  Someone to take back your democracy and you want an MPP who works for you and doesn't have to answer to anybody but you.
Piggy-Bank  A supporter of small and medium sized, locally-owned businesses, to keep the community's wealth circulating within the community.
Piggy-Bank  someone to push for tax breaks and support for local businesses, in order to create employment locally and promote greater self-reliance.


Ontarians need a fresh breed of representatives.

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